State House Cats

Ruth and JC

Lives with: Rebecca Ashby, chief of staff to Senator Brian A. Joyce About: Ruth, named after Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is a two year … [Read more...]


Lives with: Gena Frank, Legislative Aide to Representative Smitty Pignatelli … [Read more...]

Boots and Millie

Live with: Senator Ryan C. Fattman Check out the pets of Senator Fattman's Legislative Aide, Joseph Tringale … [Read more...]

Bruin and Caroline

Live with Alexandra Amedee, former Constituent Services Coordinator/Mediator in the Office of Attorney General Martha … [Read more...]

Zeus and Eros

Lives with: Nicole Stephens (Legislative Director for Representative Kaufman) … [Read more...]


Lives with Jarred Rose, Constituent Services Director for Senator Patricia Jehlen. About: When he isn't sleeping, Buddha loves … [Read more...]

Hydrox and Lucy

Live with Rep. Howitt About: Hydrox is 10 years old and Lucy is 9 years old. Both are from the Town of Seekonk Animal Shelter. … [Read more...]


Lives with Rep. Aaron Vega. About: Colleen is a 2 year old rescue cat that was found around St Patrick's Day in Holyoke with 5 … [Read more...]


Lives with Boston City Councillor Stephen Murphy … [Read more...]

Charlie and Diana

Live with Rep. Colleen Garry About: The orange kitten is Charlie and the gray and black kitten is Princess named after Princess … [Read more...]