Greg, Tig, and Michael

Live with: Rosalie Adams DeCosta, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of Senate President Stan Rosenberg

About: Michael, 15 years old, is a former stray who lives part time with Rose and Bill and part time with his grandparents. He resembles a small fluffy pirate with his small cauliflower ear, large fangs,and tendency to play rough with his much larger little brothers.

Greg, 3, and Tig, 10, were adopted in 2014. Greg is a 20-pound bruiser who is scared of his own shadow. Tig weighs in at 19 pounds (down from his adoptive weight of 22 pounds), loves to cuddle and purr, and resembles a large orange puddle when he’s flopped on the floor.

All three were adopted as adults from the Animal Rescue League of Boston (Dedham and Brewster branches) and all 3 retain their adoptive names.

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