Lives with: Representative Steven Xiarhos

Zeus: Zeus is an 8-year-old Weimaraner. He was adopted from the city life, where he was kept outside. He was a behavior problem and given back to the breeder, who then put an add on Craigslist. Zeus hasn’t had it easy either, he broke his front leg and also, suffered a stroke, but thanks to a guardian angel he has recovered 100% from both. Zeus has gone on to become Rep. Xiarhos' campaign manager and best friend. He goes everywhere with him (except on the Harley).

Cooper: Cooper is suspected to be around 21 years old. He was adopted by Rep. Xiarhos' fiance, Denise, when she used to volunteer at “kitty Wednesdays” at Petsmart. Cooper was brought up on a kitty wagon from a high kill shelter in Georgia. He had the best attitude on kitty Wednesdays and Denise fell in love with him. They are not exactly sure how old Cooper is, but he was an adult when adopted and Denise has had him for 20 years. He has a spinal tumor that was treated at Angel Memorial in Boston but still eats, socializes, and purrs. Cooper still has the best attitude and he takes it one day at a time.

Mr. Whiskers and Hunter: Mr. Whiskers and Hunter are around 6 years old. They are both adopted, Angora rabbits. Mr. Whiskers came from a massive animal hoarding case in Westport, MA, where he was labeled a $2 meat rabbit. Now he eats more than $2 of food a day! Hunter was part of an animal cruelty case in Truro and a meat rabbit, as well. Before he come to live with us, he lived in squalor, in stacked cages, where all the animals were defecating on each other. Now he has a posh palace both inside and outside. His favorite thing to do is eat bananas.

Miss Cleo: Miss Clio is one years old and the newest member of the family. She is a Norwegian Forrest Cat and was part of a hoarding situation in New Hampshire. She and her siblings were part of a law enforcement case where they were found to be malnourished and all had ring worm. She too was completely shaved. Her favorite thing to do is sleep, give kisses, and eat!

Savanah G.: Savanah G. is suspected to be 15+ years old. A friend of Big Nick's Ride posted the need for a foster for a cat they had found outside. She was in terrible condition, ear infections, possibly blind, and her fur had been completely shaved due to matted fur and debris. Rep. Xiarhos and Denise have had her two years and since adopted her. They have come to realize Savanah G. is 100% deaf and due to this, she often likes to be by herself. They still love her very much, and are glad she has a home to feel safe in.

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