Blu and Sadie Duffy

Lives with: Anna Duffy, Communications Director for Representative James O’Day

Bio: Blu (blue and white dog) was rescued from a shelter in Kentucky in 2014, 24 hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized. He is so happy to live on the South Shore of Massachusetts with a loving family now! Though Blu is an unknown mix, we know he is a very good boy. He loves attention from every human he meets, snacks, and walks (as long as he can stop to smell every scent he comes across).

Sadie is a brindle Catahoula hound mix from Arkansas. Adopted right before the start of the pandemic, Sadie has been in Massachusetts since she was a tiny little puppy. Sadie is very rambunctious and loves being in charge. She also loves sleeping on her humans’ beds and playing with her big brother, Blu.





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