Hendrix and Joplin

Lives with: Jennifer McCullough, Office of State Senator Bruce Tarr

Bio: Hendrix (top) and her brother Joplin (bottom) were adopted by Jenny and her two daughters from the MSPCA’s Northeast Animal Shelter in March 2021 at the age of six years. She immediately appointed herself to the titular role of queen of the household and reigns there with an iron paw.  Hendrix’s favorite holiday is Halloween when she feels her appearance and royal attitude are most appreciated.  She enjoys nothing more than trying to terrorize the birds through the windows and ambushing her brother – whether awake or napping – simply for the sake of her own amusement.

At a now-svelte 17 pounds, tall and long Joplin will stretch and nap anytime and anywhere, including oh-so-comfy wood floors.  He is extremely laid-back and mild-mannered, in sharp contrast to his sister, and rarely rises to her constant baiting – but when he chooses to react, break out the popcorn as it is a great show. He enjoys shopping in his basket of toys but will drop everything to play with his now extremely ratty (pun intended) and unattractive mouse on a fishing line.


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