Bruno, Daisy, and Sunny

Live with: Representative Tram Nguyen

About Sunny: We got Sunny from Great Dog Rescue of New England in April 2020 when she was just 6 months old, and she’s been a great addition to the family. She’s only known us while we’ve been working from home so she’s attached to Nate and me at the hip. She’s 50+ lbs but thinks that she’s a lap dog and loves to cuddle.

About Bruno: We adopted our little boy from a friend who could no longer keep him. He loves everyone and just wants to be loved back. Our staff & interns have fallen in love with him through the years because he loves their attention and is usually all over them.

About Daisy: Our sweet girl is turning 12 in July 2021, but still young at heart. She’s very protective of her siblings and loves to lead the pack when we’re out together. She is usually the one who stays up late with me when we have late sessions.


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