Lives with: Kathy Keyes, Director of Communications to Senator Walter Timilty

About Strawberry: He helps me with all sorts of projects. He’s a very vocal, curious, high energy, intelligent, lovable trouble-maker. He enjoys zoomies at high speeds around the house. He loves going outside, safely, in his harness smelling all the smells.

He was especially helpful during Covid lockdown. As a vocal boy, it’s only natural that he helped me in my communications tasks.  He could be heard participating on phone calls, Zoom or Teams meetings, howling the song of his people.

Every night, he tucks himself in under my covers, right up against me and goes to sleep. Or, he head-bumps me to discuss midnight snacks. Or, he’ll drop a toy wand on my face. One time, he dropped a bag of marshmallows on my face.

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